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Activision ruins little guys fun

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Apparently it’s cool to hate on Activision at the moment, mainly because they are massively successful but also because most of that success comes from 2 games.

Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, granted there are variations and changes being made all the time to the two but those are the two money buckets that Bobby Kotick swims in every night.

So when we hear that Activision has sent it’s army of zombie lawyers to court to destroy a lone civilian, Anthony Abraham, it’s our duty to call them out and protect him right?

Well no, not this time. You see Anthony Abraham is the guy who registered www.modernwarfare3.com and then subsequently pointed it to the Battlefield 3 homepage.

Which is pretty funny but also illegal and he’s now fallen foul of trademark laws. You see when someone wants to claim a domain back it goes to arbitration and they then need to show that the domain is one or more of the following

  • Confusingly similar to their own product
  • The current owner has no legitimate interest in the domain
  • The current owner is using it in bad faith

to which Anthony scored a trifecta and the domain has now been handed back over to Activision, well it’s not handed over yet but unless Anthony wants to meet Bubbha’s little friend I’d recommend complying with the legal request and handing it over.

So fun’s over and the big guy wins again, but at least this time he deserves to.

Source: adrforum

Last Updated: September 8, 2011

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