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Adam Sessler from G4TV hits back at fanboys. Hard.

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As you all know, Killzone 2 is looking to be the next best thing since sliced bread.

And although one wonders why so many people believe that sliced bread is at the top of the list of the human races list of achievements, it goes without saying that where there is hype, there are fanboys and with Killzone 2, there is more hype than sliced bread could have ever hoped for.

After giving Killzone 2 a perfect score of 5 out of 5, G4TV was still attacked by commenters, saying that they are bias towards the 360. Really? How in the heck do you wangle that one?

You will seriously not believe the words coming out of Adam Sessler’s mouth as he bites back at the commenters with little mercy and I while I never think it’s a good thing to offend your readers/viewers, some of the comments where well deserved.

I think that a lot of videogame journalists out there are getting sick and tired of having their writing mocked and their integrity questioned. And while I do think that it’s a good thing that Adam lashed out a bit, things like this shouldn’t become the norm, because it’s just going to add more fuel to the fire.

I would tell you that this video is not safe for work, but any bad words have been bleeped out, although filling in the blanks isn’t very hard, so maybe just turn the volume down a touch.

Last Updated: February 12, 2009

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