Advanced Warfare’s lag-fixing patch “coming soon”

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Right now, the multiplayer component of Advanced Warfare is still a bit of a hot mess. The game’s netcode and its overzealous lag compensation are beyond appalling, and the lack of functional dedicated servers is frankly unforgivable if you ask me. The game is out every single year and you’d imagine Activision has the budget – and importantly, the foresight – to provision for servers. Still, the game is broken, but an update is on the way.

In a new blogpost, Sledgehammer Games’ Michael Condrey said that the game will be getting an update to fix the game’s myriad issues.

  • Prestige reset issues, including emblems and challenges.
  • Adjustment to the in-game chat names notifications placement.
  • Fix for weapon reloads counting as speed reloads in certain circumstances.
  • Connectivity optimizations.
  • Fix for stats accumulating towards leaderboards after prestiging.
  • Adjustment to challenges to unlock Camos for weapons.
  • Fix for round-based game modes, affecting Win/Loss ratios.
  • Implemented ability to unlock eSports Rule options in Private Match.

The impending patch will no doubt be a welcome one for the millions of gamers who’ve shelled out for a brand new Call of Duty, only to be left with a broken game. It’ll also perhaps help quell the godawful abuse that’s been hurled at the game’s developers. Here’s an example of the vitriol that’s been directed at Sledgehammer.

Classy. I’ve just started with the game’s single player campaign, and I rather like it. It’s great popcorn entertainment that’s perfect for mindlessly killing an hour or two.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014

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