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African indies are looking incredible and make an RPG for cheap

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We often seem to associate local indie games with things that just don’t stack up against international standards. It’s an incorrect inference, once that’s slowly getting beaten out of us, and some of these latest ones are looking fantastic. Want to make your own RPG and join the beautiful trend? You can also do that for next to no money.

I already told you about Cadence taking to Kickstarter. You need to see and hear Cadence to understand just how gorgeous it is, so here’s a video reminder:

Albert & Otto is also a South African game that got Greenlit in just five days. A 2D physics platformer that throws the damsel in distress story into the wind, it’s the aesthetics that get me going. You can go throw money at the project on Kickstarter. Yes, I know that’s two Kickstarter projects in a row, but it’s after payday. Besides, check the price for the hoodie – that’s really quite reasonable and winter is coming.

Albert and otto

Kobus van der Walt, the young developer behind Braid look-alike Montez has pushed out another game, Cluster. It’s a free release that’s available over here. It seems to be all about dodging and smashing blocks, but you can check out the gameplay in this video:

And then there’s SAM, a game developed by student at the University of Pretoria that looks cool even though I have no idea what’s going on.

All your favorite indie developers seem to be on their way to GDC at the moment, so here’s hoping that there’s some cool new coming out of there soon. I’m excited to hear more about what’s coming and how they see the industry.

Some of us like to think that we could do better than some of the games we play. I love a good RPG, but I doubt that I could make one. If you think you’re better than me, or just want to try your hand at making a game of your own without needing coding or design skills, the RPG Maker collection could be perfect for you. Marked down by an average of 80%, these are some seriously rad prices if you want to make games.

Last Updated: February 26, 2015

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