Alan Wake on PS3… not likely

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Since Remedy acquired the rights to self publish Alan Wake on the PC and now own the IP outright it’s perfectly logical to expect it to land on PS3 any day now right?

Wrong… The original Alan Wake is never going to land on the PS3 simply because Microsoft funded the original development of that game and therefore won’t want it on a competitor’s platform.

But it’s not all bad news.

Now that Remedy own the IP they are allowed to do what they want with it and the much expected Alan Wake 2 could well make it onto the PS3 in the future as Microsoft are no longer funding the development of the title.

What it could also mean is that Sony could swoop in and fund the development and move Alan Wake 2 into the PS3 exclusive stable.

However, I seriously doubt Remedy would do something like that as Microsoft would likely see it as being stabbed in the back and would no longer work with them on any IP’s.

So the most likely situation is that any future Alan Wakes will be Xbox 360 and PC exclusives, but you never know in the world of business.

Last Updated: January 3, 2012

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