Alliance have decided to rebuild their Dota 2 team

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The Alliance Dota 2 team hit their prime last year, claiming The International 3 and cementing their line-up as the best of 2013. There was something about the meta that they understood, and not many teams could stand up to them. This year, however, is a completely different tale, as they have been unable to find that former glory. They’ve won a lot less, and performed a lot poorer overall. Last night saw them pulling out of DotaCinema’s XMG Captains Draft tournament. Why though?

A friend forwarded the following tweet to me, posted by one of Alliance’s core players, Akke.

Why did they forfeit?For starters, Alliance do not have the same team they had when they won TI3. Following the poor performance TI4 this year (11th-12th place), changes happened. EGM now plays for Team Tinker (the team they forfeited against last night) and S4, the mid player who sealed the win in the TI3 final last year, has since moved on to Team Secret. The other three, Akke, AdmiralBulldog, and Loda have remained.

The two vacant spots were filled on and off by players like H4nn1, Chessie, and Misery. The problem is, Dota 2 is all about teamwork, coordination, and simply gelling with each other. Alliance have been unable to do this due to the inconsistent roster. All that talent means nothing without a solid understanding of everybody’s role and play style.

Even with these hiccups, I couldn’t understand why they would just drop out of a tournament halfway though. Some digging yielded this reddit post. Apparently DotaCinema did Alliance a favour by allowing them an extra stand in by the name of “Mynuts”. The poster is complaining that H4nn1 is not a core player, and thus counts as another stand in, and the rules state that there can only be one. It is debatable, as H4nn1 may not have been with the team for long, but he has played for them before the XMG tournament.

There is still no solid reasoning as to why Alliance pulled out (at least, not that I can find). Perhaps they have just had enough, pulled out, and decided to use the rest of the year to put together an official team.

It’s a good move in my opinion. Rather than worry about disappointing the fans, they can now dedicate this extra time to finding the right players to fill the vacant roles, or at least working with those that are deemed unofficial Alliance players. What do you think? Are you an Alliance fan? Does this news make you happy/sad?

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Last Updated: November 11, 2014

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