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Alone in the Dark Winner Announced

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So the first results are in and the random winner of this weeks copy of Alone in the Dark for the Xbox 360 is…

Craig Nicholson

Better known as the only Xbox 360 MVP in South Africa….

Hmm any chance I can fob this off as a bribe for you to hassle Redmond about Xbox Live support for South Africa again? Or maybe even just local payment support?

Yes I know, flogging a dead horse again.. click through for next weeks question…

Anyway congratulations Craig, we’ll be in contact to get your postal details so that we can send the prize off.

Okay since most of you passed the maths test last week I have decided to move onto History for this weeks question…

Q: Name the prominent Black (African American) neighborhood that was thriving in New York City before being demolished to make way for Central Park? And for a bonus entry tell me where it was relocated to. ([email protected])

As for last weeks answers, well it seems that the exact dimensions of Central Park are incorrect on a few websites so I wasn’t strict at all, as long as you got close to the correct answer which I worked out to be around 42,773,638 Xbox 360’s and 132,943,469 Game covers…

Last Updated: June 9, 2008

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