Amazon now confirms God of War 4 with video

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I'm Like... Kratos Dude

It’s getting to the point where we can just disregard any sort of official PR from publishers and rather wait on retailers to let us know what is coming and when.

First we had our local BT Games telling the planet that the shooter, God of War 4, was coming and now ready to pre-order and now the massive retailer, Amazon, has decided to 1up them and also open up God of War 4, or rather God of War: Ascension, for pre-order but they’ve added a trailer to the mix with box art.

In this trailer we see our old friend Kratos and get given a glimpse into the story line that will follow God of War: Ascension.

As you can likely workout the next God of War game is actually going to be a prequel following the life of Kratos before everything got severely messed up.

I wonder when Sony will actually announce that God of War: Ascension is coming?

Box Art

Last Updated: April 19, 2012

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