AMD overhauls Catalyst, introduces super sampling

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Nvidia’s recently unlocked its own Super Sampling tech, which it calls Dynamic Super Resolution, to make your games look better on that 1080p screen of yours. While PC hardware keeps getting more and more powerful, GPCU’s are increasingly becoming capable of smoothly rendering games well beyond the capabilities of most people’s screens. 4K monitors are stupidly expensive, so this is the next best thing; rendering games at higher resolutions and then shrinking them back down to fit your screen.  AMD’s just released its new drivers, allowing members of Team Red to easily make their games look even better.


They’re calling it Virtual Super Resolution (VSR)  – and like Nvidia’s DSR, allows gamers to super sample their games, rendering them at at up to 4K, before downscaling them back down to fit 1080p screens. Why? It functions much like anti-aliasing, giving gamers a superbly crisp image, reducing those godawful jaggies.  Unless you have supremely powerful hardware though, it’s best to use this for older games.


It’s just one of a handful of new features in AMD’s brand new Omega drivers, giving its Catalyst drivers the kick up the bottom they so sorely need. AMD’s also improved performance in dual-graphics and crossfire setups, and included a swathe of improvements to video playback. The new drivers also include 1080p Detail Enhancement, which make lower resolution content look a heck of a lot better on higher resolution displays. Speaking of fancy displays, Catalyst Omega also introduces support for things like  FreeSync monitors, Alienware’s Graphics Amplifier, and even 5K displays!


There are also a number of bugfixes, new features and even HDMI audio corrections and just about a million other reasons to make it so that everybody running AMD updates right now – including increased performance.  You can grab the new drivers here.

Last Updated: December 5, 2014

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