American Weekly Chart – 19th April 2008

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Yes I know we can’t really trust VGChartz at the moment but there really isn’t anyone else I can use.

So according to the numbers this week the Americans are not fans of Gran Turismo, still can’t get enough of the Wii and are about to get Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 to break the million barrier….

The PS3 has kept it’s lead ahead of the 360 but the gap is small and I don’t think anyone is going to be shouting to loud about it….

clip_image002 218,859 (+121%)  10,695,312
clip_image004 152,239 (+12%)    22,294,933
clip_image006   77,942 (-12%)     12,446,312
clip_image008   73,666 (+27%)      4,649,898
clip_image010   68,593 (+20%)     11,534,468

As for the software, well the PS3’s sales are doing well, since they have less than 50% of the 360 install base yet are selling at about 70% of the 360’s software sales

clip_image002[4] 1,205,770
clip_image004[4]    889,141
clip_image006[4]   756,872
clip_image008[4]   579,835
clip_image012   274,806

So what caused the 121% increase in Wii sales and I really think they have to stop tracking Wii Sports since you can’t buy the Wii without the game… or buy the game separately…. | American Weekly Chart

Last Updated: April 22, 2008

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