An Assassin's Creed follow-up

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Assassin’s Creed is perhaps one of the most anticipated games for the season. If you don’t know what Assassin’s Creed is here is a quick overview for you.

The game is set in the time of the great crusades around 1191 AD in the “Holy Lands” (Israel, Palestine, Jordan) . You take the role of an assassin by the name of “Altair”. Who has gone through rigorous training, making him a superb athlete and have tremendous acrobatic abilities. Along with his training, as a rite of passage, a single finger from his left hand was amputated and replaced with a secret blade. Your role in the game is to assassinate people, namely corrupt Crusaders and Muslims alike.

The world is a large one, and from the screenshots it looks absolutely gorgeous . You shall travel to a number of locations within the Holy Lands, there has been a mention that the game will feature 3 major cities, namely: Damascus, Acre, and Jerusalem, perhaps even a few more.

The game includes some brilliant AI, from the acclaimed chase AI which differ from character to character, to the crowd AI with which you can interact. The game is a freeform one allowing you to approach any given target anyway you want to, from taking the “Splinter Cell” stealth approach to the brutal “Go-in-there-swords-swinging-and-limbs-flying” approach, its pretty much up to you to decide.

All-in-all if you are a person who liked the PoP trilogy or Oblivion this game is definitely a recommendation. Ubisoft even decided to release some new screenshots today. They are available here along with a preview of the game from PAX 07 here

Last Updated: September 12, 2007

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