Analyst predicts Blu-ray, HD DVD obsolete in five years

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Yet another analyst is predicting that the latest HD format war is a waste of time.

But this one is slightly different as it’s HD-DVD’s biggest backer who is saying it.

Yup that’s right Microsoft has come out and said that neither side will win the format war as optical discs are going to be obsolete in 5 years anyway. 

They are currently backing HD-DVD as it has more interactive capabilities than Blu-Ray but they are not under the impression that it will last. Which goes some way to explaining why we don’t have a HD-DVD bundled into the Xbox 360.

I have made my views on this clear before, I strongly believe that neither will win the format wars either… I am not sure we are quite ready for digital distribution but I do feel we are going to stick with DVD until a better option is released.

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Last Updated: June 16, 2007

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