Analysts can’t agree on whether Microsoft has blown it’s lead or not

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It seems that the analysts can’t agree on whether or not Microsoft has blown it’s initial lead over the PS3 or whether the current trend is just the marker recorrecting after a terrible start to the generation by Sony.

DFC Intelligence’s David Cole believes that Microsoft is blowing it by not having a diverse enough range of titles and mainly concentrating on the American styled shooters and action titles. While PS3 has a much broader range of titles which helps explain it’s utter dominance in Japan and fight back in Europe.

However other analysts including the famous Michael Pachter feel it’s more that Sony was always going to come back in Japan and Europe thanks to their massive fanbase, and that Microsoft has done really well to overturn Sony’s dominance in the US and compete with them head to head in Europe.

I personally believe it’s a bit of both, Microsoft has done fantastically well to be a fighting force in this generation but they had a chance to dominate Sony in Europe around this time last year and instead decided to claw back some of the investment they had made. If they had dropped the price again then and invested in some more European appealing titles they may have been able to keep the PS3 at bay.

In the end we the consumers have won out by having two exceptionally strong HD consoles which are fighting for our affections and no matter what happens now this war will continue with no clear victor into the next generation.

Source: VG247

As for the Wii.. well it won, there isn’t much more to it.

Last Updated: November 15, 2010

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