Andre Agassi plays tennis like a girl on Wii U

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Wii Sports Club has not yet been the Wii U’s killer app. Maybe because people already suffered from enough tennis elbow after getting their original Wii. But Andre Agassi will make you want a Wii U. Well, not really.

Here is a new TV ad for the Wii U featuring Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf:

For those who don’t watch videos, Agassi plays a bunch of typical looking Wii tennis and is soundly defeated. When his phone rings, he acknowledges that Steffi Graf defeated him, only to be informed that she wasn’t playing. So, who gave Agassi a hiding in Wii U tennis? A little girl, that’s who.

It’s nice creativity from Nintendo, and celebrities can add credibility to some things. I’m just not sure that this is what the Wii U needs to ship units. If people want to play fake tennis, surely they have a Wii by now? What does Wii Sports Club add? They aren’t even using the Wii U pad for this game – let’s just add to the confusion about why people need to go out and get the new console when they can still use their old Wiimotes.

Last Updated: November 7, 2013

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