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Andrew Lloyd-Webber videogames?

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Excuse me whilst I sit here, mouth agape. In a moment, I’m going to scratch my head, and some time after that I’ll resume breathing. In what strikes me as a bizzare cross-over, Paid-Content revealed that it’s learned of plans by Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Really Useful Group to create a series of videogames based on the theatre magnate’s work. Likely to be karaoke affairs in the vein of SingStar, the first games would have you singing along to characters in the creator’s shows, such as Cats, the Phantom of the Opera, and Evita. The game may include some sort of audition feature, so now wannabe-starlets can have their dreams crushed in a fantasy setting too.

Why are they doing this to us?

Really Useful Group’s Douglas Glen explains:

“With the video gaming audience having moved from its male-dominated roots towards a more family-oriented demographic, now is the perfect time for us to take some of the best-known names in musical entertainment in a more interactive direction.”

Source : Paidcontent.org

Last Updated: January 14, 2009

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