Another PS3 Game Has A Mandatory 5GB Install?

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I didn’t post about the Devil May Cry 5GB / 20 minute install mainly because I can see the logic behind it and it would have just caused people to flame the PS3 some more.

However when the latest rumour that pops up is that Hot Shots Golf is going to require a 20 minute install as well it becomes time to flame the console.

Console gamers don’t like installs and 5GB installs is insane. So you can have a max of 8 games with no media installed and then when you buy your ninth game you have to uninstall a previous one. What if you like 9 games at once?

This is a really horrible trend that Sony should stamp out right now. There is no excuse for this.

Rumor: Another PS3 Game Has A Mandatory 5GB Install?

Last Updated: February 8, 2008

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