APB is dead and you don't get a refund

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We’ve already reported that APB crashed and burned, and in so doing took its development studio, Realtime Worlds, with it. There are all sorts of rumblings going on at the moment that studios want to pick up the remains of the failed MMO, but until that happens what do people do who spent money on the game?

They don’t get a refund, that’s for sure. No retail shops refund PC games and last time I checked, Steam doesn’t offer refunds either. The good news is that EA is offering free games for those who moan enough.

All that’s required is to contact EA’s support team, provide them with a valid APB key code and you’ll get access to download one EA game from their online game store. The offer is only for current EA games so waiting for future releases is obviously ruled out. It seems pretty straight forward and it’s good to see some form of compensation being offered to understandably miffed gamers. So if you fall into that group who has been schneid by – oh wait, APB never saw an SA release. Whew! Dodged a bullet there then.

This sort of thing is why I’ve always been hesitant to get involved with MMO titles. That being said, the KOTOR MMO is going to be hard to resist.

Source: 1Up.com

Last Updated: September 28, 2010

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