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Apex Legends’ Fight or Fright event brings back wall-running for the undead

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I love Halloween events in games. There’s just something about the aesthetic and atmosphere that really appeals to me. That spooky yet at the same time goofy style of horror so many games adopt to celebrate the season. Most games introduce a new set of themed skins and maybe a limited-time game mode to tie in with Halloween and Apex Legends, which is still seeing plenty of play in my house if you were wondering, is bringing back the Fight or Fright event this year. And that makes me exceptionally excited because it absolutely rocked last year! Better yet, they’re bringing back wall-running but you’ll have to be dead to use it.

So let’s elaborate on two things. One, they’re not technically bringing back wall-running because that’s a mechanic that’s never been in Apex Legends. Yet given how Apex shares a universe with Titanfall 2, it’s like Respawn is returning to it in some form right? The other condition is that you’ll need to be dead to use this particular mode of movement which sounds counter-intuitive but let me explain! You’re always so quick to interrupt, just listen and maybe you’ll learn!


Fight or Fright will take the form of a standard trios match set on the night variant of King’s Canyon. It’ll start out as standard enough, dropping into the arena, collecting weapons and whatnot. Yet when you die, you’re not plucked from the game! Instead, you’re reborn as a “Shadow” Legend that can’t use guns but has a massive boost to your speed and melee power. The surviving players will need to stand against the other alive team while also defending against the Shadows. It does seem that alive Legends will be able to make use of some more-or-less tamed beasts to help stay alive so keep and eye out for caged monsters!


As always, the Fight or Fright limited time event also brings with it some new Halloween themed cosmetics in the shop and a free prize track to unlock some less cool (but still fairly cool) cosmetics. Everything kicks off on 22 October and will run for just over a week, ending on 3 November.

Last Updated: October 22, 2020

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