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Apex Legends – How and where to find legendary loot

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Like an American Republican’s wettest dream, guns are pretty much everywhere in Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. Every single firearm has a particular quirk to it, a style that benefits certain environments and showdowns when you find yourself needing to eject some hot lead from the barrel. Shotguns favour close-quarters encounters, Sub machine guns are brilliant at a close to mid range firefight and if you happen to have the eyes of the hawk then sniper rifles will quickly become your forte.

That being said, being good with one weapon doesn’t guarantee success in Apex Legends. There’s more to these guns than just their lethality, as the environment is also littered with plenty of loot. Loot which arrives in four tiers of rarity:

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  • Common – White
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Gold

Supply ships and Hot Zones

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So where do you find the good stuff? If you’re looking to snort a line of premium gunpowder, you’ll be happy to know that Apex Legends actually tells you if you’re going to be getting your hands on reliable death-dealers when you land in a location. There’s no consistency to this, however, with each area within the game having randomised loot and odds upon each instance that you enter it in a new session, lest the map becomes too congested with players looking for the best gear from the start.

That’s also not entirely true either, as there are two places where you will find high-end gear: Within Hot Zones and Supply Ships. These particular locations are also randomised in each new game, and landing there usually results in some intense combat right away as everyone makes a mad dash to open up the chests of guns.

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The Supply Ship is the easiest to find, usually hovering within eyeshot of the dropship before you eject, hovering in from one of the four corners of the map. Hot Zones are trickier, but you can find them by checking your map and finding the blue spot revealed on it. Risky to enter that area, but possibly worth it as your chances of finding a rare gun that is kitted out to the nines with the best equipment are much higher here.

Care packages and Apex Packs

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As for getting your hands on Gold guns? Chances are slim to none that you’ll find one in an abandoned shack, but you will find the odds to be ever in your favour if you can spot a care package when it enters the arena. This carries with it the usual danger of having other nearby players pursue it, which also makes for some handy bait if you have confidence in your sniping skills.

Otherwise, you’re going to want to keep your peepers open for Apex Packs. Tiny robots hiding around the map, they’ll emit a glow that allows you to see which loot they have inside of them, so punch away and grab some better gear.

Legendary Loot

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So what does legendary loot actually do? While the gear won’t give you bonkers stats, they do come with perks that provide a heck of an edge in the meta-game:

  • Legendary Armour – Allows for shields to be replenished after using a Finisher
  • Legendary Helmet – Your Tactical and Ultimate abilities will recharge quicker
  • Legendary Backpack – The usage time of Health and Shield items are cut in half
  • Legendary Digital Threat Scope – Handy for spotting enemies, this scope throws a red outline around your target when you aim at them
  • Legendary Knockout Shield – You can revive yourself once after a knockdown
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And there you go! There’s an edge to be found out in Apex Legends (metaphorically, not that chap from U2), but one that feels fair and balanced in comparison to the rest of the game. If you survive long enough to find them, that is.

Last Updated: February 8, 2019

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  1. Played a few games with the squad over the weekend.

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