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Are games just getting better and better?

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Super Mario Galaxy 2

Metacritic has released their stats for the first 6 months of this year and when compared to last year the results are quite astounding.

Last year the top scoring game for the first 6 months was Street Fighter IV which scored a respectable 94%… Personally I find that far to high for a simple fighting game (with a deep fighting system) and feel the reviews were biased by the fanatical support the series has.

But I guess the same could be said for many other genres and games… however the first 6 months of this year have been great across virtually all genres with 7 title scoring 90% or more and 3 scoring over 95%.

The three being

Red Dead Redemption – 95%

Super Mario Galaxy 2 – 98%

Mass Effect 2 – 96%

On the opposite side of the scale there have also been far fewer duds released with 25 titles receiving a score of 49% or lower in the first half of last year compared to 15 this year.

So are games just getting better or are reviewers starting to become overly generous?

Source: Metacritic

Last Updated: July 5, 2010

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