Are giving the 360 an advantage?

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Gametrailers giving dodgy comparisons

Okay I am not going to write to much into this as I don’t know a huge amount about it.

However I always use’s comparison videos as they seemed to be the most professional and legit. However that may not be the case.. has come out and stated….

We don’t create these videos for the fanboys. That’s not the point. We create them so that people who own both systems can be a little more informed on which version to buy. It’s the fanboys that turn the comments section for these videos into a debacle.
As for using RGB or adjusting the white levels on the PS3, that completely defeats the point of these videos. We play both systems on default settings with the same cabling. If we were to adjust the settings on the PS3 to make it look better then we’d be sacrificing the integrity of the video. It’s not the other way around.

Now like I mentioned I don’t know what that means, however the forums are going nuts about it and saying that this is giving the Xbox 360 a completely unfair advantage. If this is true then it really is a huge disappointment as I really did trust them.

Is this yet another gamespot debacle?

GT Basically admit Comparision videos are bullshit – Forums

Last Updated: January 16, 2008

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