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Are PC gamers set to get shafted?

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The next console generation is nearly here, and it’s good news for PC gamers, right? Next gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft feature very similar, very PC-like architecture – meaning that the PC ports of next-gen games shouldn’t be dumbed-down console ports. Only that doesn’t seem to be happening – at least when it comes to EA sports titles.

Where the console versions of the next iterations of the immensely popular FIFA will be running utilising that fancy new Ignite engine that makes everything more realistic, the PC version won’t be doing the same.

"Ignite will be the engine that drives our sports games on PS4 and Xbox One," EA Sports Global Communications Manager Steve Frost told Joystiq. "It will not be used for FIFA 14 on PC."

The Ignite engine will also power Madden NFL 25, EA Sports UFC and NBA Live 14, and its a safe bet to say that the Pc versions of those games (if they come at all) won’t use the new features. On top of that, Microsoft has said it won;t exactly be supporting the PC platform with its traditional AAA games.

Speaking to Shacknews, Matt Booty, general manager of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms said "we have got everything from very, very casual games, like our very much improved and reimagined Solitaire, all the way to graphically complicated games like The Harvest."

Pressed on whether or not we’d be seeing AAA Microsoft titles like Gears of War on Pc in future, booty largely sidestepped the issue.

"We’re talking about console games, but there could be some franchises that also end up with a PC game," Booty responded. "When I think about more connected experiences across those platforms, it’s things that show up within that family of devices where we’ve got Xbox Live, like Windows Phone and Windows 8," and "not what you might consider a more traditional desktop PC game."

Of course, there are still many developers – like Crytek, CD Projekt and the like  – that are fully committed to the Pc as a gaming platform, but that a behemoth like EA doesn’t seem to be giving the PC its best is a little disappointing.

Last Updated: May 23, 2013

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