Are we about to see a massive 20% price cut on all consoles locally?

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The Department of Trade and industry in South Africa has recently been on a fact finding mission to see if the current import tariffs on electrical goods are fair or need to be changed.

Basically the idea behind import tariffs is that they will protect our local industry and keep the money in South Africa. So instead of buying a Dell you will buy a Mecer.

But they aren’t always on the mark as adding import tariffs on a Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii doesn’t protect anyone locally and is simply lining the pockets of the government. So kudos to the government for ordering this review and the results have been pretty interesting.

Moving forward we can expect to see up to a 20% drop in general electrical appliances that have no locally developed competition along with some serious price drops in certain types of batteries and lamps… because we can never have enough lamps.

The big question is whether this will affect console sales or not and to be honest I can’t actually find that out for sure. I don’t know if we currently have import tariffs on consoles or if they would even be dropped if we do as consoles are not mentioned anywhere in the absolutely thrilling DTC document I just read.

If anyone knows a little more about the inner sanctum of customs now would be a great time to speak up?

[Thanks to Mark for the tip]

Last Updated: August 21, 2009

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