Are we going to be able to rent PSP Games?

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Here’s a nice rumour to get our teeth into, TheRetailGamer has been playing around with their new PSP Go and has stumbled across the above screenshot.

The first thing that springs to mind is that Sony are planning on offering the ability to rent games digitally to all these newly connected devices.

We have a start time (down to the minute) and an expiry time, which appears to be left blank if you buy the game and then how many hours you have left to play… Just in case your maths skills are not up to scratch.

I am unsure if renting is a new idea or not to be honest, I have never rented a game before but I guess as these games get more and more expensive the rental option becomes more viable and it can’t hurt to offer the ability.

The other use for this ability is to have time limited fully functional demo’s, great for getting your teeth into the new PSP Mini’s?

If Sony (or Nintendo or Microsoft) are going to start renting games out though I would like to see them renting them by game time and not chronological time, it doesn’t help me if I rent a game and then have an emergency at work for the next day and never get to play it. I would be happier to rent 5 hours of game time which gets calculated when I am actually playing the game.

No official announcement has yet been made and as always we will bring you the official news once we know it.

*Oh and I forgot to mention, this ability has also been spotted on the latest PSP Firmware so it’s not going to be PSP Go specific.

Last Updated: October 5, 2009

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