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ARMS is finally getting customisable control schemes

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ARMS is finally getting customisable controls

ARMS is a great fighter, and another good addition to the growing list of Nintendo exclusive IPs. It might not have the same drawing power as something like Mario Kart or Splatoon 2, but the incredibly tactical fighter has found its own niche of players who keep ranked play alive. If there’s one thing these players, in particular, have been asking for since launch though, it’s options to change the way they control their fighter to better suit them. And months after launch, we’re finally getting that.

One of the weirdest aspects of ARMS is its control scheme, especially if you’re choosing to play on a standard gamepad. You can only block by clicking in the left stick, or jump using Y just like Zelda. Curving punches was also a strange affair, with both arms being controlled by a single thumbstick unless you tried your luck with motion controls. Having it standard meant players had to eventually just deal with it, but in a new update Nintendo is giving you granular control over how you want to change things.

Each action will be re-mappable, according to a new tweet showing the functionality in action. That means you could map blocking to something more reasonable, and free up duplicated inputs to serve a better purpose. There no indication yet that curving arms individually on a controller layout will be possible, but this is certainly a set forward for the more competitive side of the game.

And frankly, for those still looking to jump in. Arms has a high ceiling of skill that you need to climb before you feel anywhere near competent, so lowering that by letting players cater their controls to be more comfortable just seems more logical. It should’ve never taken this long, but thank goodness Nintendo actually listened.

Last Updated: September 8, 2017

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