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Army of Two for PS3 and Xbox 360

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Gamedaily has a nice write up about one of my most anticipated games Army of Two… 

The game is going to use voice commands to order your AI partner around when not playing multiplayer… Hopefully they have a strong system in place otherwise this could get annoying very quickly..

Army of Two could either turn out to be a fantastic game or it could be another Sonic….. virtually unplayable…

Army of Two will take cooperative gameplay to a new level by letting players control a pair of mercenaries sent on secret missions. The players take on a role, while another player or the artificial intelligence controls the partner. Bark commands at partners using a headset, and depending on their situation, the computer-controlled compadres may or may not obey. The game requires lots of cooperation, including minigames where the duo must work in tandem. But let’s not forget about the guns, all of which sport a slew of different upgrades and enhancements. Blasting onto the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 systems this fall, players will soon see what an army of two can do.

Follow the link for the long write up.

Link to Army of Two for PlayStation 3 Previews – GameDaily

Last Updated: July 2, 2007

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