Ashes Cricket 2009 Said To Outperform This Summer

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According to Codemasters, they’re confident that the title will cast a shadow over Tiger Woods, Virtua Tennis and the Wii Sports Resort. Publishers are riding on the coat-tails of the actual Ashes sporting event, taking place in the UK… There are other details on this but then again you didn’t come to Lazygamer to find out more about a silly cricket event unless it had amazing graphics, life-like digital renderings of the players and allowed you full control of every ball and swing of the bat. If however you accidently stumbled onto this report whilst searching for news on the event, it may excite you that you could enter the Ashes yourself on multiple platforms including Xbox 360; PS 3; PC this summer and the Wii iteration later this year.

The PS 3; Xbox 360 and PC versions also feature full online multiplayer mode and the title also boasts a new ‘Legends mode’, in which Shane Warne will be dishing out various tasks and challenges for players to complete. As can be expected with the Wii version, players will use the Wii remote to perform batting and bowling actions.


Last Updated: May 20, 2009

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