Assassin's Creed being released on PC at the end of March

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I just received confirmation from Megarom that Assassin’s Creed is set to be released on the PC locally at the end of March.

However what is even more interesting is that the PC version is going to contain four new exclusive types of investigations which should go a long way to counter the only complaint that Assassin’s Creed ever really received. Monotony.

So would you go out and buy the game again to try it out on PC even if you have played the console version?

Last Updated: February 8, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Yay! I upgraded my machine largely so I could play this game with decent settings. Just as it was the case with Fable and its extra content for PC, I guess the wait for us keyboard-and-mouse enthusiasts was worth it.

  • doobiwan

    I hope they release the new bits as DLC for consoles.

  • ocelot

    Welcome to 2007 PC fans!

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