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Assassin’s Creed Costly Theft

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A man who stole a copy of the Pc version of Assassin’s Creed from manufacturing and distributed it online before its official release has just received his comeuppance.

Apparently not nearly as sneaky as Altair, Christopher Anzalone of Charlotte, North Carolina has pleased guilty to being a pirate douchebag.

He’ll be the recipient of a $25000 fine – about R185 000 – in addition to a 3 month sentence in a halfway house for his troubles. He’ll also get to enjoy 5 years probation. Thing is, that fine only covers around 500 copies of the game at retail – and I’m pretty sure illicit downloads of the game far surpassed that number.

If you ask me, he got off pretty lightly considering he wasn’t just your average pirate. He physically stole the game from the manufacturing plant – something much more serious than just making copies. Also consider the R10M the New super Mario Bros pirate was ordered to pay Nintendo.

Crime doesn’t pay, folks. Well, unless you kill all the guards and hide them in bales of hay before anyone notices.

Source : Wall Street Journal

Last Updated: May 4, 2010

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