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Assassin’s Creed III Naval Combat Walkthrough

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Do what you want ‘cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! Naval combat is probably the biggest change to combat in the Assassin’s Creed series and takes players to a whole new level of destruction.

It’s great to see something new coming to Assassin’s Creed, making it not just another AAA title being dragged out to a very painful death, ruining the reputation and quality of the series. Even with naval combat gamers will be required to think about what they are doing instead of just spamming cannon balls. In fact, you won’t only be able to shoot cannon balls but actually have the crew scrape all the rubbish off the deck and fire that at your enemies too.

What really makes naval combat so impressive is that you’ll be able to have control of your character as well as the war ship playing strategically to win the battle.

The Assassin’s Creed III Naval Combat Walkthrough takes gamers through naval combat and war tactics featuring commentary from Creative Director, Alex Hutchinson.  

Last Updated: August 29, 2012

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