Assassin's Creed tested by Three Speech

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Three Speech has been given the opportunity to have some hands on time with the hotly anticipated Assassin’s Creed.

While they don’t give away any new information about the game it does seem like the previous worries about frame rate and pop ups have been resolved. This game is looking like yet another essential game for anyone’s collection.

There are however completely unconfirmed rumours of a possible delay coming to the console version/s. These are being hotly denied by Ubisoft but they are not going away which is always a bad sign.

Lets hope they are not true. Anyway if like me you are struggling to buy all of these great games then koldFU5i0N is coming to your rescue this month. is giving away a special edition copy of Assassin’s Creed. Click here for more details.


Last Updated: October 19, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • PillsburyDeeBoy

    The closer we get to this game’s release date, the further and further down my list of ‘must have’ games it falls. I think I’m no longer entranced by Jade, so I’m beginning to see through the smoke screens…

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