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Asura’s Wrath DLC has Capcom milking all six arms

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Oh Capcom, I never grow tired of your ability to produce milk, from even the strangest sources. Then again, when you have a game such as Asura’s Wrath, which happens to be episodic in nature, it is kind of difficult not to exploit that opportunity.

And while I enjoyed the hell out of Asura’s Wrath, I was kind of disappointed in the gimped ending, which even puts Mass Effect 3 to shame. At least Bioware had the decency to give players what they conceived as a complete ending, unlike the Asura’s Wrath one which is only available as DLC, for the “True” Ending.

Still, if you have to have the DLC, here’s what you can expect:

Episode 11.5 and 15.5 feature animated stories that aim to fill in certain gaps, utilising some top notch talent from Studio 4 °C over the next two weeks, under the titles of Forging ahead and Defiance.

April 24 then sees Capcom rerelease the final four episodes of the game, bundled together in order to represent the super-duper ultimate experience true ending. And once the dust has settled, its time to face your rival!

Yep, Asura’s Wrath is going to be host to a few familiar faces from Street Fighter, as the demigod faces down with Ryu and Akuma, complete with the usual levels of off the wall cut-scenes and action.


Strangely, the imitation Street fighter content is something that I would be happy to own, in comparison to the rest of the content that is coming out. Provided that my copy of the game doesn’t sprout a set of udders for no reason.

Last Updated: March 28, 2012

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