Atlus teases something to do with Catherine

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Atlus teasing Catherine sequel

When you think of Atlus, you’re most likely thinking about Persona or Megami Tensei most of the time. The Japanese developers and publishers are actually responsible for a host of brilliant JRPGs, and a few other quirky spin-off titles. Catherine, their narrative heavy puzzler, falls squarely (hah) in that’ department. It was a tight, nerve-wracking experience, putting you in the shoes of Vincent as he struggled with the morality of sticking with his girlfriend or choosing to gallivant with a new, more exciting entry into his life. All while trying not to have his soul damned for eternity in hell, as one does.

Catherine was brilliant, but it was also extremely limited. Atlus has never made mention of going back to it, but a new recruitment video no-less shows that the series is still on their mind. The video was used to market a position at the studio for their upcoming title, Atlus PRG Re Fantasy. The kicker was the styling – with the entire thing taking place in the fictional setting of The Golden Playhouse. In Catherine, The Golden Playhouse is a show that the player watches the entirety of the game through, making it a neat call-back to the series.

The Golden Playhouse host, Trisha, also narrated the entire video while Catherine music played in the background. Take a look.

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It doesn’t immediately mean we’re getting more Catherine soon, and perhaps actually implies the opposite. Atlus is building up their team for their next big project, which makes a Catherine sequel seem unlikely in the meantime. But the use of this as a frame is curious, given that the company could’ve just as easily used something more relatable with a Persona 5 setting instead. It does imply that Catherine is still something Atlus has their mind on, which could bode well for the future.

Catherine is still a spectacular game, so you should try get your hands on it if you haven’t yet.

Last Updated: September 1, 2017

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