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Atomega is a multiplayer shooter where being the little guy actually counts

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Atomega is a shooter all about mass 2

Ubisoft aren’t strangers when it comes to small, quirky experimental games. That’s evident in heir Grow Home series, which Ubisoft Reflections managed to spin into its own sequel just last year. This year, they’re shifting gears. Atomega is a new multiplayer focused game that is all about growing and shooting, and it’s set to release as early as next week.

Most online shooters have you doing just one thing – shooting. That’s twisted and pulled in various ways, but there’s few where the actual act of killing other players isn’t the only viable way of winning. Atomega certainly has that as an option, but not the rule. Instead, Atomega is all about gaining mass and growing, with the player who is the biggest at the end of each round winning. You gain mass in various ways – stealing it, shooting it off foes or just ensuring your survival around the map.

You start off as a pretty nimble atom and quickly attach blocks of mass to yourself by scurrying around the map, as the gameplay trailer above shows. As you grow, your offensive abilities do too. But your mobility decreases dramatically, which introduces the sort of pros and cons you might expect in a balance multiplayer shooter. Bigger players are able to kill others in a snap, but smaller, faster ones could easily steal mass around the map more efficiently.

Atomega certainly looks neat, and the fact that it’s out so soon is even better. You’ll be able to find it on Steam just next week, on September 19th.

Last Updated: September 12, 2017


  1. “attach blocks of ass to yourself” – This is the best type of game


    • Admiral Chief

      September 12, 2017 at 08:52



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