Attack on Titan gets a 2014 video game

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Attack on Titan

I’ve been off the dreaded Anime dope for quite a few years now, but I recently relapsed when I saw a snippet of Attack on Titan. It’s one of the best shows that I’ve seen in recent years, and doesn’t rely on a protaganist who is a combination of deadly fighting skills, insane hunger pangs and borderline retarded IQ stats. And now, it’s getting a game.

Speaking to the Anime News Network, Attack on Titan producer George Wada confirmed that a game would be debuting within a year, for a 2014 release. And that’s about it. There’s no clue what kind of game it’ll be, or even what platform it’ll launch on.

Knowing Japan, I’m expecting the title to be a dating sim where you romance the creepy-faced giants on a tablet device. If you’ haven’t checked the show out yet, make a plan. It’s got great animation, plenty of twists and some fantastic action as humanity finds itself staring down both barrels of an extinction shotgun, thanks to a recent influx of unstoppable giants with a taste for flesh.

Last Updated: January 5, 2017

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