Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 marathon is awesome

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Awesome Games Done Quick or AGDQ, is an annual charity event hosted by members of Speed Runs Live and Speed Demos Archive. Over 7 days they speed run games raising money for a selected charity. This year’s event started on the 5th of January at 12pm EST. Over 115 games will be run, as well as races and prizes to be won for donations.

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As of today they have made over $65,000 of their $500,000 target. All of the donations are going to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. As the word spread about AGDQ 2014, they completely toppled last years efforts, making $10,000 in a little over an hour this year. If you miss a game you wanted to see, the past broadcasts are put up on their Twitch channel after every day of the marathon. The Schedule on their website details the time and date of the run in chronological order. Even the developers of certain games (Music maestro Grant Kirkhope!) are being called in as the game is running to comment on their games being run into the ground.  

As a part of the speed running community, I’m really happy that speed running is getting this kind of attention behind it, almost enough to break League of Legends viewer domination on Twitch. If you’ve never heard of AGDQ and games being beaten really quickly sounds appealing to you, I urge you to go watch a childhood favourite or tough-as-nails platformer get ripped to shreds. 

Last Updated: January 6, 2014

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