Awesome news for indie games… in America

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10 has opened a new division devoted to indie gaming.  Called simply Indie Game Store, it offers a huge range of indie games.  However, it’s only available to those living in the US of A.

It follows a great model, though.  Apparently, 100% of the sales go to the developers.  There are a variety of interesting games, at a huge discount.  Some bundles are as much as 75% off!

They also have an Indie Spotlight.  As they explain in their first spotlight

Announcing the Indie Developer Spotlight! Every Thursday, we’ll be showcasing the story and game(s) of a small, independently-run game development company. Our aim is to give Amazon customers insight into not only the game development process, but the people behind the Indie games so many of us enjoy.

Say what you will about Amazon, and say what you will about indie gaming, I still think this is a great initiative!  Nice for the developers to be so involved and to reap the direct rewards of their success.  Plus, it may become necessary to get more names in the game considering the bizarre behavior over at Steam Greenlight.

Hope this works out for all involved.  Would you be willing to get your games from Amazon if Indie Game Store was available in South Africa?

Last Updated: June 7, 2013

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