AWX Frontlines Launch

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By Philip Dunkley

image This is just a quick story to cover the Frontlines Fuel of War launch at AWX Centurion on Friday night. I had a decent time at the event, even though very few people pitched for it, including the organisers.

But I think the reason I enjoyed myself is got more to do with the venue itself. I can physically spend at least a couple of hours at the AWX Stores, as they pretty much sell everything I like, and the guys who work there are just really cool guys to chat with. I really enjoy the concept of these stores, and the advice the guys give their customers is always good in my opinion, always finding out exactly what the client enjoys, and then recommending something that really fits the bill instead of just thrusting some crap game into someone’s hand just to make a sale.

Frontline national launch

I also like the fact that they have a LAN set up on XBOX360’s, and give the customers a chance to play some cool titles and have a blast plating some multiplayer games. They are also well priced in this regard, charging only R10 an hour to jam on the consoles, and will let you try out their second hand games before you buy.

I also like the fact that they are supporting launches in this country, and doing something for the greater good of the gaming community. This brings me down to an interesting point. We need to support these initiatives, especially if we want the developers and distributors to support us. Launches overseas pull thousands of people, and I know that we have a much smaller gaming community, but when only a handful of people turn out for these events, it stops these guys from doing it in the future. Remember, these people who organise these events generally do it in their own time when they could be doing many other things.

Another thing, I also notice that the more game focussed stores in the country are seriously raising their game when it comes to knowing what’s going on, and I will hands down support these types of shops than I would by going to a larger store where no one has a clue what you are on about when you ask for something. Yeah, I know these larger stores have some of the items cheaper than the rest, but we all know the story behind this (Buy in bulk blah blah), but I would rather spend the extra few rand by going to Game Specific shops where the guys will give you good advice and decent service.

Sorry, I seem to have gotten off the topic here.

All I can say is, support these guys in their launches, the more people I can see at these events, the more stories I write, and the more the distributors see what’s happening, and the better it becomes for SA Gaming!!

To Carl and Ricardo, thanks for a cool time, please keep up the good work, and we will continue supporting you guys.

You can visit Animeworx’s website here and no this isn’t a paid advertorial 😉

Last Updated: March 18, 2008

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