Bad Company Getting Trophy Support

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It was a bit of an anti climax when the 2.40/2.41 patch arrived, everybody updated and were now able to get trophies but the only game that supported trophies was SSHD. Well the released games are now gradually getting trophy support with EA being the newest company to jump on the bandwagon with Battlefield: Bad Company trophies.

EA have announced that in their next update for Battlefield: Bad Company there will be trophy support. So all you trophy addicted gamers get to replay one of the better games of this year. There has been no mention of what exactly the trophies are going to be, but they will most likely be the same as the 360 minus the online achievements.

The update will also address the server and dog tag lag as well as the PS3 VOIP issues.

EA also have something for the 360 users as in both the 360 and ps3 versions players will now be able to access the weapons that were previously exclusive to newsletter sign-ups, pre-orders and demo players. I think that could appeal a little more to the South African players because we didn’t get the weapon unlock code with our pre-orders.

source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 10, 2008

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