Bad day for Sony

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Today is turning out to be a bad day for Sony…

First  Bloomberg is reporting that Sony will make the largest loss of their history for the fiscal year ending the 31st of March ($630 million), the games division alone is expected to lose $1 Billion which is huge….

Next comes the news that Sony only managed to sell 100 000 PS3’s in the US in April which is a long way behind all the competition and is a 30k drop from March. This can be put down simply to lack of software. Not a single PS3 exclusive was released in April or May if I remember correctly…

They are still to expensive as well, however that is the only good news being released for Sony fans today. Everyone is predicting a $100 drop towards the end of the year which should bring the PS3 into the R5000 – R5500 bracket. Still to expensive in my mind but closer to what the normal high end gamer could afford.

Add that to MGS being delayed and Namco pulling titles and things start to look very bad for Sony…

Last Updated: May 16, 2007

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • very bad day, i just hope it doesnt interfere with the blu-ray movies for the PS3. :p

  • papa-action

    It’s only the biggest loss in four years (not in their history) and it’s understandable considering the launch and development cost. BTW, what was the loss when the PS2 was released?
    Also, with regard to the sales, they still managed to sell 100 000 consoles compared to 175 000 XBox360s. I wouldn’t say that it’s that bad considering that the XBox has a far more extensive library.

  • Sony’s fan base is enormous and very loyal. For MS to make a dent into their market is a big feat for somebody with little console experience ( old Xbox ). I think Sony has rested long enough on their laurels and now have to really start satisfying their customers whom they have been too arrogant to lately.

  • LazySAGamer

    The PS3 has caused ‘record’ losses for Sony
    “PlayStation 3 is being outsold by Wii by about two to one, causing Sony’s game division, its second-largest by revenue, to post a fourth-quarter loss of 121 billion yen and a record 245 billion yen deficit for the fiscal year”

    Also don’t forget the Xbox has been out for much longer now and has zero supply problems while Sony is still trying to imply that they can’t make enough to sell even though they have units on shelves gathering dust.

    Until they drop the price they are going to keep losing.

    Out of the 3 core markets (US, EU and Japan) Sony is winning none of them….

  • I think if they re-brand the PS3 as a Blu-ray player they might sell less… just remove the gaming GPU and its voila! Just keep the Remote Play utlity though coz that is simply great!

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