Baldur’s Gate getting Enhanced Edition

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The new Baldur’s Gate site we told you about last month got updated with a countdown timer – and that timer’s come to and end. Today’s Diablo III has gotten fans of the old-school RPG in a frenzy, but Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate has just as strong a following.

So what did the end of the timer signify?

Fans of the isometric RPG have been wondering for some time now what’d happened to Baldur’s Gate. It saw a spiritual successor in Bioware’s excellent Dragon Age Origins and its less than awesome sequel – but many want to see the next game in the fantasy RPG series. Well, according to, the big announcement seem to be that people really care about the franchise – because I’ve been unable to access the site for the last 15 minutes, getting nothing but 500 Internal Server Errors – which generally  means the site’s damn well overloaded.

On the few occasions I have managed to connect, all i’ve seen is the page as it stood before – just with the timer sitting at 0:00. Until..finally!

It’s probably not the news Baldur’s Gate fans want to hear – but it’s better than nothing. We’ll be getting Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition from Atari and Beamdog . Beamdog has confirmed they’ve got the original games’ source code – and will be enhancing the game, as well as throw in some original content. 


Last Updated: March 15, 2012

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