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Barf and Beer now discounted to 80 points

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Are you spending sleepless night and useless days wishing you were a teenager (over 18 obviously) again?

Do you want to experience the feeling of shoving as much beer as you can down your throat before physically throwing up in a misguided attempt to gain peer acceptance?

Well then this game is for you.

Barf and Beer was released in February this year and has gone on to amass life time sales of over 2000. Now to celebrate this achievement they are dropping the price of this download only title to a mere 80 Microsoft points.

To quote their press statement directly

“Anyone can now enjoy the satisfaction of punching their friends in the gut and watching them hurl”

Now lets get one thing straight here, if you punched me in the gut and made me waste my holy beer I would kill you.

Now that we have that out the way back to the point we go, why would someone want to play this game? Check out the screenshot below for the pure awesomeness that is Barf and Beer.


It apparently renders in 1080p but I haven’t bothered to try it and no I don’t know if you can upload your own odd faces or if you are stuck with the ones it ships with.

Buy it Here

And how said that the community game channel on Xbox Live didn’t have any great games.

Last Updated: August 6, 2009

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