Batman gets a big head

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Back before achievements and trophies, video games contained all sorts of completely stupid and pointless cheat codes, where mashing a series of buttons would enable things that would make cosmetic changes to your character – and little else. One of this year’s grittiest and darkest game, surprisingly, features just such silliness.

Big Head Mode can be activated – for all playable characters – in the game by holding the left and right triggers down on Xbox 360, or all four shoulder buttons on PS3, and rotating the left and right thumb sticks in opposite directions. Repeating the same actions will reverse the effect. There we go. Completely stupid and pointless, but fun and silly looking. Great game, but no need for the overinflated ego, Bats. Curiously, you can;t use the “cheat” on your first playthrough, or on easy difficulty.

Best bit? It’s included in the game free as cheats should, and isn’t being sold to you as paid for DLC. Ahhh, Capcom.

It does raise the question of what else Rocksteady has hidden away in the game. If you’ll recall, the reveal for Arkham City was actually sneakily hidden away within the walls of Arkham Asylum – and wasn’t discovered until Rocksteady pointed people in the right direction. I suspect there’s plenty other hidden goodness to be found within Arkham City.

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Last Updated: November 18, 2011

Geoffrey Tim

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