Battlefield 3 Console Reviews Trickle In – Not As Good As PC?

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We recently did a round-up of the Battlefield 3 PC review scores that started hitting the net, and it the game was getting some impassive scores to sit it on a very comfortable MetaCritic average rating of 93/100.

The console reviews are slowly coming in and *shock horror*, it’s not getting the same scores as the PC version.

So far, MetaCritic only has 5 reviews in for console and some of them are from the same places that dished out praise for the PC version, so we can see how they compare. The game is currently sitting on a MetaCritic score of 86/100.

Here’s what the scores are looking like so far.

GamingXP – 91

IGN – 90 (PC score – 91)

Planet Xbox 360 ? 88

1UP – 83 (PC score – 90)

Eurogamer – 80

So, IGN seems to think it’s not that big a difference whereas 1UP were happy to slash some score off of the console versions and rightfully so if you ask me. I don’t really see how both could score the same when one has bigger larger maps for multiplayer and much better looking visuals. Then again, bigger doesn’t always mean better, so we will have to wait and see.

To cut a long story short, it’s the same as with the PC reviews: Great multiplayer, not so great single player. There’s also already reports of the Xbox 360 dedicated servers being down (for those in the U.S that are already playing it), so err… thanks for being beta 2.0 for us guys… we appreciate it.

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Hopefully, by the time that it comes out in our regions, the issues will be sorted out and it will be fully functional

Last Updated: October 26, 2011

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