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Battlefield 3 patch adds a colour-grading option

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You can play, you can dislike a game, you can even whinge about it, but the one thing that you can’t do? Tinker around on it and make the experience better not only for you, but for everyone else. That’s what happened to Battlefield 3 a few weeks ago, as a mod that was released, which allowed players to make the game look more dynamic and colourful, soon found itself banned. Except now, that option is back, but with DICE approval.

Writing on the MordorHQ forum, DICE’s Mikael Kalms  said that “There will be a console command for disabling the colour grading entirely in the game included with the next PC game client update”.

However, Kalms said that that very option would not be present in the menus, as DICE would not be able to support “questions and bug reports regarding stuff that happens when colour grading is disabled”.

Kalms also mentioned that disabling colour grading “gives no major competitive advantage/disadvantage” although it does mean items like the IRNV scope won’t work any more “and will look real ugly”. Which is in sharp contrast (Ha! puns!) to their earlier statement about the mod, as they clearly mentioned that the use of it was a “proper cheat”.

Apparently quite a few people feel differently however, as before it was banned, the colour-grading mod was a popular addition to the game. What’s sad here, is that DICE has obviously taken a few cues from the people responsible for making a realistic, yet drab, game pop and become more appealing, shuttering their work in the process. It’s ideas like this that can really foster a sense of community between gamers and studios.

But c’mon DICE you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Who knows what gamers like this could do for your titles in the future?

Last Updated: October 22, 2012

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