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Battlefield 3 support will continue, if the fans are willing

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March 15th, 2011 @ 22:10:27

Battlefield 3 is nearing the end of its five DLC pack campaigns, as the third one, Armoured kill, is due soon. After that DLC shot has been fired, two more will come, Aftermath and Endgame, and then the mission will be over. But you guys want more, don’t you? You want a never-ending war, a battle that will rage on for years to come still. Or until Battlefield 4 finally arrives. Well then, the future of the game, is up to you.

Speaking to AusGamers, DICE Lead Designer Niklas Fegraeus explained that even though a fourth Battlefield was on going to be arriving in the near future, support for BF3 would continue, so long as fan interest was still high.

“Well, when we get to Aftermath in December,” Fegraeus said, “we have End Game coming in March, and that is the five announced DLCs that we have. And whatever happens after that, the future will tell.”

As for whether or not DICE would ditch BF3 for the presumably new cool kid on the block, BF4, Fagraues responded with “Oh, it’s something we just have to see. We will support the players wherever they will go, that’s kind of the commitment that we make, and wherever that is, that’s where it is. And we just stick to that, and make sure that we support it all too.”

Armoured Kill arrives next month, with PS3 owners getting early access to it, while PC and Xbox 360 players get to shoot each other a week later. What do you think. Would you rather support BF3 for a while yet, or would you rather dump it like an ugly love interest the minute something sexier comes along?

Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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