Battlefield Bad Company…the TV Series?

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Bad Company, the single-player focused Battlefield spin-off from EA and DICE was awesome. Following four disillusioned soldiers beating a hasty, gilded retreat from the military, it was a pretty well written humorous take on war. Or, at least the first one was. Its sequel had a pretty dull single player experience, but I digress; the news here is that it’s becoming a TV series.

EA and FOX have inked a deal to start an hour long action comedy TV series, says Deadline.The show’s been written by John Eisendrath, one of the writers on Alias and will be produced by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison.

“Written by Eisendrath,Bad Company features the main characters from the game. It follows four renegade soldiers as they exit military life and enter the private sector. But trouble is never far behind as they realize their commanding officer had used them to further the ends of a shadow unit within the government and now wants them dead to cover his tracks. Eisendrath is executive producing with Happy Madison’s Doug Robinson and EA’s Patrick Bach and Patrick O’Brien.”

This could end up being really funny – or just plain horrible. I’m quite honestly hoping for the former, and that it sort of positions itself as a contemporary M.A.S.H.

What do you think? Are they scraping the bottom of the barrel by looking at videogames for TV show inspiration, or are they on to a winner?

Last Updated: October 9, 2012

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