Battlefield: Hardline leak shows hard police work

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Ever since the delay, EA has been keeping Battlefield: Hardline under wraps. It’s the first year in a while without a core Battlefield title, and considering the state Hardline was in it was probably the better call. But even I have to admit that the single-player is looking quite rad.

Hardline is all about the cops and robbers power struggle, although that was probably difficult to see in previous explosive-filled trailers. This collection of snippets from the campaign does a better job of showing off some police work that is still marginally believable.

When you’re not shooting up public streets, you’ll be flashing your badge and making arrests. A lot of arrests in fact, if the video above is anything to go by. It gives off a far more authentic police atmosphere, as opposed to high speed chases where entire building were being blown up along the way.

It also looks like there’s going to be a big emphasis on some stealth, which is alright by me. You’re not a soldier wearing his own weight in kevlar. You’re a detective, and that thin bulletproof vest can only do so much in a firefight. So stealth will hopefully be a viable option in most cases.

I’m cautiously more excited for Hardline after seeing this. Playing the multiplayer beta a few months ago left a sour taste in my mouth, but it does look like EA isn’t letting this delay go to waste. Considering what a mess Battlefield 4 was, they’ll need all the polish time they can get.

Last Updated: November 14, 2014

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