Battlefield losing it's appeal

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I have been absolutely addicted to Battlefield since it’s release and while I lost a bit of interest after I got to rank 25 I did get hooked once again when I realised I now need to get down to the mid teens on my skill ranking.

So I have been loading Battlefield up pretty much every time I have had a spare second and enjoyed every minute of it. However that was until today.

I just finished playing some Battlefield now and it was incredibly annoying. It seems that a lot of people have now figured out that when playing it is easier to rank up if you entirely ignore the actual game and just go off on your own mission.

So now I was playing and the enemy had tagged our gold crate and some moron was just sitting above it sniping people instead of disarming. I stood back a bit and watched the rest and it seems that this is the new tactic. Ignore the entire point of the game and just look after yourself.

1 1/2 hours of annoying gaming and I have now given up. Hopefully this is just a dodgy day or this could be the end of Battlefield for me. What’s next on the horizon?

Last Updated: August 1, 2008

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