Bayonetta Director Interview – More Powerful = More Naked?

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Boy oh boy, are the Bayonetta developers having fun targeting young male gamers on an unashamed level.

This director interview speaks about quite a couple of aspects of the upcoming God of War clone, but the one element that intrigued me the most was the fact that Bayonetta will essentially get more naked, as you do more powerful maneuvers.

Yes, you read that right.

Her hair is imbued with magic, and actually acts as clothing in a large sense, and as she does moves, he her whips around and grows like crazy. The way it has been designed though, is obviously that the more her hair is flailing around, the more her body is revealed. Cheap move I say!

On the whole the game is actually coming across as pretty damn strange, but if it proves to be a lot of fun then I guess there is no problem at the end of the day.

The game is releasing later this year on Xbox 360 and PS3. So get ready to get naked and do some damage.

Last Updated: May 28, 2009

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